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Episode 19: Facebook’s Most Used Words Quiz Reveals More About You Than You Realise

In this episode, Neil talks about how Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer game is getting a free-to-play version and also discusses how some Facebook Quizzes

Episode 18: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Shadow IT

Over the next few weeks, big businesses will be relying heavily on their IT infrastructure to have zero downtime during their busiest shopping

UK Podcasters Feature The Tech Blog Writer as Podcast of the Week

Sitting in a silent room in front of a microphone to record a podcast can be quite a daunting experience. I also

The Virtual Reality Revolution Just Got Real

I often wonder where my love technology originates from but it doesn’t take too much armchair psychology or self-analysis until I arrive

Ep17: Can Unroll.Me Help You Reach Inbox Zero?

Our endless quest to unlock productivity often falls at the first hurdle thanks to the daily deluge of emails waiting for us

Episode 16: Are We Reading Less? Broadcast Yourself From Periscope to Apple TV

Are We Reading Less? The literary tug of war between physical books and their disruptive nemesis E-Books continues to divide passionate readers

Episode 15: Getting Your Work Featured On LinkedIn Pulse

I have received over 20 E-Mails from listeners who are worried at the dramatic dip in readership figures of their articles on

Is Facebook’s Censoring of Competitors Links a Dangerous Precedent?

Another social network has arrived on the scene, but the new kid on the block Tsu seems to have ruffled a few feathers