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Jul 09, 2017


http://shellystearooms.com/ss.php 121with is a Know-how exchange where users can discover and learn from experts, advisors, and professionals in real-time face to face video from their smart device. The startup aims to revolutionise the way we access knowledge and expertise through our digital devices and has its sights on becoming the most innovative and dynamic platform for the buying and selling of online knowledge or advice.

There is a wealth of experience and expertise that can be delivered by face to face video. This new platform enables people to access knowledge, advice, and expertise in a way that is directly relevant to them. 121with is a simple way for people to monetise their hard-earned experience and gain a whole community of customers.

Unlike other online marketplaces that demand high commission rates of 50%+ and massive ‘slashed prices’ from merchants/suppliers, 121with takes just 20% from each call made on its platform, and does not dictate the rates set by its ‘Providers’.

121with Joint Managing Director Tom Stokely said: “Everyone has knowledge. Whether that’s gained through hobbies, experience, education, effort or circumstance, both qualified and life skills have a place on 121with.

It’s a fascinating concept to see people selling knowledge and expertise rather than psychical goods, and I think that is the great thing. After hearing how this unique idea uses the technology we all use to get instant help and advice, I invited Joint Managing Director Tom Stokely onto the show to find out more.

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Investment Banker turned Entrepreneur. Tom Stokely decided that 14 years was enough in Bond Sales and a great idea was the catalyst to get him over the finishing line and out of the industry. Stokely relished turning a “we should definitely do that” into a live project and immensely enjoying to taking 121withonwardss and upwards.


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