373: CEO Shares Insights Around Thriving In The Future of Project Management

Nov 04, 2017

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http://weband.co.uk/jahat.php 10,000ft is a software company that builds tools for innovative organizations and the creative thinkers they employ. They have two products in the market, 10,000ft Plans and 10,000ft Insights. Both tools are grounded in simplicity and help teams collaborate more effectively.

The company is on a mission to make beautiful business tools that actually work. Get the big picture of your projects, teams, and portfolio. But it’s the story behind making more confident decisions with high-level resource planning and collaboration tools that I found intriguing.

Martijn van Tilburg is CEO of 10,000ft, an award-winning software company based in Seattle. As a trained designer with over 20 years of experience, Martijn started his career at Microsoft crafting the user experience for products like Office and Windows. Tilburg then spent six years as Director of Design for digital agency Artefact where he learned how to run and grow a creative business while working with clients like Adobe, Samsung, HTC, Google, and Amazon.

At 10,000ft, Martijn co-founded a successful software company that relies on a human-centered design approach for both its product creation and internal business processes. The top creative organizations in the world rely on 10,000ft to manage their projects and people with visibility into critical data they need to scale their businesses.

As we look down the barrel of automation, creativity is a critical currency for us to stand apart from machines. I invited Martijn van Tilburg onto the podcast to hear his fresh take on how he’s trying to help advance human-powered innovation starting at the business level.

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