243: VideoBlocks Continues Industry Disruption By LaunchIng A Stock Photo Marketplace

Apr 24, 2017

VideoBlocks is a profitable, venture-backed stock media company recognized in 2014 by Inc. Magazine as the eleventh fastest growing media company in the United States. Together with its sister sites GraphicStock and AudioBlocks, VideoBlocks empowers customers to enhance their creative projects, ranging from professional production studios like NBC, Discovery and MTV to prosumers and enthusiasts like college students, religious organizations and video-editing hobbyists.

In a digital world where everyone can be a blogger, vlogger or podcaster, there is a lack of affordable stock footage that has held people back from competing with the big websites. Traditional offerings from the likes of Getty or Shutterstock is often too expensive for the average home based user and much of the footage is cliched and of little interest to modern creatives.

The stock industry is ripe for disruption and VideoBlocks is leading the way forward to ensure there is affordable stock footage for all. VideoBlocks are already dominating with graphics, video, and audio. But the introduction of stock photography will only strengthen their creative suite.

Our members told us they were fed up with expiring credits and pricing schemes that required a calculator to figure out what you were paying for an image. They wanted a simple, affordable, on-demand photo solution. What better way to do this than to open it up to our talented, creative community to contribute? With this model, everyone wins.

This latest deal will be incredibly appealing for photographers with the mouth-watering prospect of picking up a 100-percent commission on their stock photos. Equally, GraphicStock users could soon be rejoicing at having access to more images. I invited VideoBlocks CEO, TJ Leonard onto the show to learn more about the future of stock footage.

The success of our Video Marketplace, helping artists earn more through our unrivaled 100% commissions, as well as the incredible choice and savings we have passed on to our members, gave us the confidence that we could build a truly different kind of Photo Marketplace.

The new Photo Marketplace will mirror the business model and success of its Video Marketplace predecessor. Launched in 2015, the Video Marketplace has given back more than $6 million commission to content creators. It has built a library of over four million videos years faster than its predecessors, and VideoBlocks’ over 200,000 members enjoy a 40 percent discount on the entire archive.

TJ Leonard – Empowering digital artists by making creative content affordable to all.

Twitter @TJ_Leonard 

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