168: How Twilio and Two-Factor Authentication Intend To Kill The Password

Dec 22, 2016

Here smack bang in the middle of the holiday season, we hand over our card details to multiple vendors without giving it a second thought. Just a week after Yahoo admitted they lost 1 billion accounts, it occurred to me that the current method of authentication is broken and even if you follow all the rules, there is a good chance the companies security doesn’t cut it, and they unwittingly hand over your details anyway,

We have a seamless experience from mobile to laptops or in fact any device. Everything is designed to be pain-free and removing all friction points. BUT somewhere along the way passwords and security have been left users feeling frustrated.The biggest oxymoron in tech, ‘password security’, continues to rear its ugly head with high-profile hacks all over the map, validating that there is no end in sight unless drastic action is taken.

Marc Boroditsky, VP of Authentication for Twilio discusses how they’re trying to kill the standard password. Backed by early investors like Box CEO Aaron Levie and the Winklevoss twins before their acquisition and now by Twilio, these guys are waging war on the password and bringing 2-Factor Authentication to the masses.

Marc Boroditsky

Seasoned entrepreneur with 25+ years enterprise computing experience including 20+ years with start-ups. Founded and financed four start-up software companies and successfully completed the sale of Passlogix to Oracle and Authy to Twilio.

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