248: How Hurdl Illuminates Fans Using Wearable Tech At Concerts

Apr 30, 2017

Hurdl is bridging the gap between artist and audience using wearable technology and a healthy amount of innovation. Ultimately the startup is upgrading experiences in the multi-billion dollar live event space which hasn’t seen a change in more than 30 years. A Pixl LED wearable device is enabling bands to communicate directly with their fans at concerts.

In November, Hurdl introduced wearable tech to the live music scene and even became the star of the show at the Country Music Association Awards. Could technology now engage large audiences to create new relationships and personalized euphoric experiences?

The PIXL LED wearable turns fans into interactive event experiences while its patented software provides clients and brand partners a new 1:1 communication network with all attendees for direct, real-time engagement to increase pre-, during and post-event revenue.

Hurdl was one of 11 startups chosen from more than 30,000 applicants worldwide to work in close collaboration with TechStars Music which many of you might remember from episode 204.

“We’re proudly pioneering a new, direct channel for our clients to include and engage their entire audience in a way that I was never able as an artist manager for 12 years,” said Betsy McHugh, Hurdl founder

Betsy has lived and breathed the live music scene having worked with John Mayer and Bon Jovi, as well as in management roles for artists including Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes. As the Founder and CEO of Hurdl Enterprises, Betsy is pioneering the de-anonymization of persons actually in event venues with a new kind of entertainment experience.

Betsy McHugh - Hurdl

Betsy McHugh – Hurdl

I invited her onto the show to learn how this wearable technology is bridging the gap between artist and audience while being both accessible and affordable.

About Hurdl

There has never been a better time to be a fan. Hurdl is revolutionizing the multi-billion-dollar event experience with a powerful dual solution. First, the company’s software targets qualified fans, drives event attendance and provides post-event sales through a new, one-to-one communication network. Second, the low-cost PIXL wearables are individually programmable to each specific fan, engaging and illuminating audiences in real time, creating a more personalized and communal experience.

Betsy McHugh – Twitter

Hurdl – Website

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