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How to Listen to Podcasts on the Amazon Echo

So you treated yourself to an Amazon Echo or Dot. After checking the weather, news, traffic updates, sports headlines, and the numerous

100 – One Hundred Episodes Of The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

What a journey this has been. Whether you’re going for a run or are stuck on a commute or wherever you are,

32: The Technology Behind OrangeTheory Fitness

I’ve recently come across a company called OrangeTheory Fitness. They are combining the effects of heart rate and fitness to live a

Episode 19: Facebook’s Most Used Words Quiz Reveals More About You Than You Realise

In this episode, Neil talks about how Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer game is getting a free-to-play version and also discusses how some Facebook Quizzes

Episode 2: How to Get More Views on LinkedIn Blog Posts

Neil discusses the latest top tech stories and also answers questions from LinkedIn Writers. Tech News Round Up The disappointing Amazon Prime

Episode 1: Intro & Interview With LinkedIn Pulse Star John White

In this first episode of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast, Neil talks about his blogging journey on the LinkedIn Publishing platform and