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241: How Punch Alert is Crowdsourcing Safety and Leveraging GPS/iBeacon Location Technology.

Punch Alert is the first mobile app to help users crowdsource safety for a wide scope of situations. As the first safety app

168: How Twilio and Two-Factor Authentication Intend To Kill The Password

Here smack bang in the middle of the holiday season, we hand over our card details to multiple vendors without giving it

119: Why 2016 Is The Year Of The Phish & How Avanan Is Securing The Cloud

Phishing is the #1 security concern for 2016, with an unprecedented growth in phishing attacks this year. Over 90% of the year’s

47: How The FIDO Alliance Are Going To Kill The Password

Have you ever locked yourself out of an account? Are you tired of having 10, 15, 20 passwords that all have to

28: The Increasing Security Concerns Surrounding the Internet of Things

After years of hype, we have finally arrived in these tremendously exciting times where technology continues to progress at breathtaking speed. We