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How to Listen to Podcasts on the Amazon Echo

So you treated yourself to an Amazon Echo or Dot. After checking the weather, news, traffic updates, sports headlines, and the numerous

24: Personalized Learning and Apple’s Plan to Drop the Headphone Jack

Episode 24 of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast discusses how Gamification, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Online, Mobile and Personalized Learning are the

22: Microsoft Surface Outsells iPad and How to Obtain More One Drive Storage and Free Office 365

Microsoft Surface Outsold Apple iPad in October Apple’s reluctance to create an OSX tablet hybrid and choosing to concentrate their efforts on

Episode 18: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Shadow IT

Over the next few weeks, big businesses will be relying heavily on their IT infrastructure to have zero downtime during their busiest shopping

Global Community Celebrates a 30 Hour International Podcast Day

With one billion subscribers across 250,000 unique podcasts and 8 million episodes, it’s fair to say that the podcasting enjoyed a very

Episode 7: The Dark Side of LinkedIn, Websites Shutting Down Their Comments Section Discussion

Neil returns from an adventure in Norway and answers Arnie McKinnis question around the dark side of LinkedIn. This episode also looks at the growing trend

Episode 6: Windows 10, Amazon Prime and Virtual Voicemail from Listeners

Episode 6 features questions from LinkedIn Authors Jacqui Genow and Andrew Brooks. The following is discussed on this week’s episode: Writing on Linkedin