472: How Skratch Connects Dallas Teens with Local Paying Gigs

Feb 28, 2018

When was your first job? For a large majority of our teens today, they’re not working. (A decline of 30% over the last 40 years due to extracurriculars, sports, music, tutoring, homework, and the list goes on.) Teenagers have a lot to offer. They’re motivated by opportunity and reward, same as adults. But, it used to be easier for young people to find honest work around the neighborhood.

Enter Skratch, a mobile demand-based platform founded by the father of two teenage daughters. The platform connects Dallas teens with “gigs” in the neighborhood, ranging from dog walker and sports mentor to holiday gift wrapper, garage organizer and mother’s helper. Serviced by an app for iPhone, teens sign up, select a gig, and accept it, when their schedule allows. Teens get paid through the app and establish a running work history. Meanwhile, neighbors are starting to connect once again and checking off their to-do lists with the help of the teen next door.

Today’s guest Scott Bennett helped build Skratch to make it easier to post, find, and complete temporary local gigs. It’s an opportunity engine that connects (and benefits) the people on both sides of the equation. And besides earning some money, they can get in the habit of making good habits. Because it’s about today, sure, but their futures too.

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As the co-founder and CEO of Skratch, Scott Bennett is building on a 25-year career focused on sales development, revenue generation, and marketing. Scott also leads Skratch and oversees management, marketing, and operations. His professional tenure includes work with early stage companies, such as IndoorDirect, Poptent, and Tongal, as well as emerging marketplaces and consumer ad-driven platforms. He has served as a marketing innovation consultant to global organizations such as Frito Lay, Anheueser Busch, AT&T, and Southwest Airlines. Scott has taken great pride in giving back across Dallas to organizations including Multiple Sclerosis, Israel bonds, and his local schools.

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