309: Fender Launches Digital Guitar Learning Platform, Fender Play

Aug 05, 2017

One of the reasons I love recording this tech podcast is learning how technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our world. When you think about the digital transformation, you don’t automatically think of guitars.

Fender Digital is leading the online revolution and modernization of Fender with a new division dedicated to digital education, innovation, customization, and mobile learning. Anyone that has asked the question “How Do I Learn to Play the Guitar?” now has a digital platform to get them up and running in seconds.

In a mobile-first world built on Insta-stories, Spotify playlists, and ClassPass, where will the musicians of tomorrow learn to play guitar to become the Jimi Hendrix and Eric Claptons of today? Step forward, Fender Play, a revolutionary new on-demand video-based online learning platform (think Netflix of at-home guitar lessons) featuring instructor-led lessons with personalized curriculums based on the user’s favorite songs.

Fender Play brings the 70-year old guitar manufacturer back into center stage by unlocking the instrument for guitarists of all skill levels through state of the art learning technology. The platform invites users to embark on their own rock star journey with the option to play hits from the world’s biggest superstars such as U2, Shawn Mendes, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Meghan Trainor, Carrie Underwood and more, and track their progress development in real-time.

Personalized learning paths enable even brand-new players to master chords and riffs in minutes all while learning to play their favorite songs. Instructors guide users through easy-to-digest lessons via 4K quality multi-camera video footage.

With the rate of students learning music in schools dropping 22% between 2010-2015, schools are turning to electronic learning tools which are proving successful in bridging the gap between today’s iPhone generation and classical music curriculum—and finding success!

Ninety percent of people who pick up the guitar will drop out after one year, and we see Fender Play as a solution to that challenge. – Ethan Kapla

Since the age of 16, Ethan Kapla launched a fan website for the band R.E.M. The rest of his career extends from there. For the past 20+ years, Kapla has been operating at the forefront of old media’s emergences into the new, including the print, broadcast, music and entertainment businesses.

A self-confessed geek in every sense. “Music, media companies, technology. I enjoy being labeled as such. I lead and manage geeks they way they want to be led. I design products. Sometimes I program. I like music too much. More importantly, I understand not only technology but why, when and how you apply technology in a product and user driven manner to solve real business problems.

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