Episode 10: Can Beacons, Indoor Mapping & Deals Apps Save Shopping Malls From Show-Rooming?

Sep 19, 2015

In this episode Neil looks at the power of Nostalgia and how it is increasingly being used as a sales tactic and for marketing purposes as we all embrace geek culture. Simon Pegg responds perfectly after finding himself on the wrong side of a backlash for pointing out  how extended adolescence has been cannily co-opted by market forces.

Meanwhile, The growing trend of show-rooming where consumers get hands-on with a product in a physical store before looking it up on their smartphones to purchase online at a lower price is increasingly becoming a thorn in the side of the physical stores inside shopping malls all over the world.

This weeks question from CEO of the European Marketing Network Leahnanne Hobson who asks about how to monetize LinkedIn.



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