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232: Are Personalized Experiences Creepy? Listeners Questions

In this episode, Neil answers questions from the listeners. Jacob Martin from Canada asks: “You have had several guests talking about using

231: How Anki Overdrive and Cozmo Are Disrupting The Toy Industry and Shaking Up Retail Shelves

Mattel, the world’s #1 toy company and the ultimate bellwether of where things are going, recently posted a 5% drop in sales

230: Softchoice: Enabling Innovation in IT, When Actions Speak Louder Than Buzzwords

IT managers would like to think they’re at the forefront of innovation, but a new study by Softchoice found that this isn’t

229: How This Narrative Analytics Solution Unlocks The Beliefs That Drive Consumer Behavior

2016 was dominated by stories about virtual reality and augmented reality. However, the undeniable trends this year are around advances in artificial

228: World Backup Day With Michael Gaffney, CEO of Leonovus

Anyone that has ever worked in IT will have a few war stories of being contacted by a distressed family member, colleague

227: How Lexia Learning Became The Most Valuable Ed Tech Provider

Lexia Learning, a division of Rosetta Stone, empowers educators through adaptive assessment and personalized instruction. For more than 30 years, the company

226: Shure MV88 Condenser Microphone Turns Your Smartphone Into a High-End Audio Recorder

The Shure MV88 Condenser Microphone Turns Your Smartphone Into a High-End Audio Recorder by simply plugging into your phone. The MOTIV MV88

225: Blend Media – The Global 360 Video / VR network

Blend is the world’s leading provider for Brands and Publishers looking to benefit from the deeper audience engagement that immersive content offers.

224: Why Evergage Crashed The Adobe Summit To Talk About True Real-Time Personalization

Personalization was a theme that dominated Las Vegas last week across three events.mpressed crowds at the Aria, while IBM showcased their InterConnect

223: Adobe Summit – Understanding Adobe Analytics Through NBA Hoops

While wandering around the Adobe Summit this week, my keen eye spotted 6 NBA Hoops games. These seem to be everywhere at