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242: Delighted – Gather Customer Feedback Instantly to Improve the Customer Experience

Companies want continual feedback from customers, but there hasn’t been an easy and automated way to actually get it. Delighted is built

241: How Punch Alert is Crowdsourcing Safety and Leveraging GPS/iBeacon Location Technology.

Punch Alert is the first mobile app to help users crowdsource safety for a wide scope of situations. As the first safety app

240: Storyhunter: The Talent Marketplace of 20,000 Freelance Video producers and Journalists Across 180 Countries

Storyhunter has more than 20,000 freelance video producers and journalists across 180 countries. With $4.2M in funding the talent marketplace is hitting the headlines

239: iExhale Uses Technology To Offer Virtual Mental Health Services

Three-quarters of all mental health conditions emerge by the age of 24, but getting help is expensive and 55% of the nation’s

238: The Echo Chamber Club – See the World Through the Eyes of Others

An echo chamber is an environment where you only hear viewpoints that already agree with your own opinion. You shout into the

237: Cut the Cord! – How GaN Enables the Wireless Home

n I was led to believe we were heading for a wireless world but a look behind my TV tells a very

236: Dimension Data – Customer Experience Report Highlights Digital Strategy Challenges

I recently read that many organizations around the world are failing to implement effective digital customer experience (CX) strategies, in new research

235: Zoom HRV – The Wearable Tech That Tracks Heart Rate Variability

As regular listeners know I am a sucker for wearables devices and love how you can now track our diet, exercise, sleep,

234: How AlienVault Open Threat Exchange is Rethinking Cybersecurity

AlienVault is the leading provider of unified security management & community-powered threat intelligence required to detect and act on today’s advanced threats. The

233: How The SimpleDeal App Is Delivering Mobile Point & Click Deal Options Globally

I have spoken a great deal recently about a personalized digital world where we get what we want, when we want it