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184: How Andy Ory’s 128 Technology Will Fix the Internet With Smart Routers

Most of us will reluctantly agree that tech now dominates every aspect of lives. As we continue to add IoT devices, cloud

183: Aido, The Interactive & Personal Home Robot That’s a Big Hit On Indiegogo

Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido is the first social robot that can move

182: AR Startup Lumus Reveal 55 Degree Field of View Display Technology

I think most people listening to the show will agree that AR is becoming much more exciting than VR. I recently came

181: How Technology, Software and Data Analytics Played a Big Part In President Trump’s Election Success

Is a combination of technology, data analytics, and the digital transformation responsible for changing the political landscape? The United States has a

180: Why Gallium Nitride Is About To Disrupt Silicon

At the CES show in Las Vegas this year, EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) showcased how GaN is a core technology behind autonomous

179: Mous – A Shock-Absorbing Case To Make Your iPhone Indestructible

Do you love slim cases, but hate broken screens? The ultra-slim iPhone Limitless cases offer military-grade protection in real and authentic materials

178: How BigID Is Redefining Personal Data Protection & Privacy

BigID aims to transform how enterprise protect and manage the privacy of personal data. Organizations are facing record breaches of personal information

177: How Jammber Is Bringing Simplified Paperwork, Payments & Credits for the Entertainment Industry

Jammber is a platform that manages the entire music production process, keeping track of everyone involved, making sure the workflows, letting collaborators

176: How HYPR Is Speeding Up Enterprise Deployment of Biometric Security

This is the story of HYPR Corp… In this fast-paced world enterprises either innovate or die. That means leadership has to be

175: CES 2017 – HelloMind The Hypnotherapy Mobile App To Retrain Your Brain

I have been busy chasing companies down at CES this year and came across a wellbeing app called HelloMind. HelloMind is a