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102: How The CEO of GoFundMe Rob Solomon Is Helping The Online Community Make A Difference

My guest tonight is Rob Solomon, the CEO of GoFundMe. GoFundMe shouldn’t need too much of an introduction. Using technology to break

101: How FinalCode Offers Enterprises Secure File Collaboration

Today I want to tackle the far-reaching subject of data leakage risks. You can put a file into a data content management

100 – One Hundred Episodes Of The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

What a journey this has been. Whether you’re going for a run or are stuck on a commute or wherever you are,

99: How Payoneer Has Become The Leading B2B Cross-Border Payments Platform

We often hear about the world of finance and how it’s struggling to keep up with the blistering pace of hyper change

98: How Nylas Aims To Stop Businesses From Giving Up On Email

Today we have some tech royalty. Michael Grinich has a remarkable story. He cut his teeth building iPhone apps, and he previously

97: How Snagajob Is Using a Gig Economy-Style Approach For Hourly Workers

I have some crazy facts from a company called Snagajob. They are concentrating on the hourly marketplace, and they have 70 million

96: How Giftagram Takes The Stress Out Of Buying Gifts, But is Keeping The Personal Touch

In every corner of the world, one thing we all have in common with each other is we all give gifts to

95: ZTE Wants Your Ideas For Its Next Mobile Device

What phone do you have? Are you fiercely loyal to Android or Apple? No matter what brand you have assigned yourself to

94: Wrike Brings Project Management Software Into The 21st century

I recently came across a company called Wrike. They have a simple aim of helping every team perform their best across the

93: EventBoard Brings Meeting Room Management & Workplace Analytics Into the 21st Century

Let’s talk about meetings. No matter where you are in the world, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the same issues. Whether it’s