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83: How Weissbeerger Is Turning Drinks Into Data

I recently discovered a company called Weissbeerger. They are a company using data to transform the way breweries, restaurants, and bars all

82: How the LOT Network Are Disarming Patent Trolls

It seems on a regular basis we’re constantly reading about the effects of trolls online. We all know trolls exist on social

81: David Kalt – Creator of Reverb and Chicago Music Exchange

Our guest tonight is David Kalt from Since launching in 2013 David has been busy working side by side with

80: Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO of Reverie the Sleep Technology Company

If there is one thing we all have in common with each other it’s our need to sleep. We all need that

79: How DialogTech Is Using Machine Learning to Automatically Categorize Phone Calls

Tonight we’re going to be talking to Irv Shapiro. He’s the CEO of a company called DialogTech. He’s going to be talking

78: How The Dreem headband Monitors Brain Activity To Help You Sleep

The wealth of sleep trackers at the moment have huge inaccuracies whether it be putting your Smartphone under a pillow or wearing

77: Amantha Imber Discusses The Innovation Formula

Today I want to talk about innovation. It seems every business leader is trying to embed a culture of innovation and often

76: How PopSugar Is Using Adobe Analytics To Fuel Growth

Tonight we have Chris George from PopSugar. Those of you who haven’t heard of PopSugar are probably male, because PopSugar is aimed

75: How This Device Lets Doctors Conduct Eye Exams Through a Smartphone

As many of you know, I love how technology is solving problems. I came across a great solution today about simple, effective

74: How Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn is Helping Companies Improve Sales Productivity

I have a great guest on tonight from a company called Brainshark. They are a provider of sales enablement technology which is