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51: Brewbarrel Co-founder Wolfgang Westermeier Talks About Their Kickstarter Journey

Podcasting is thirsty work and after doing a few podcasts around how the traditional wine industry is being disrupted by technology you

50: Celebrating Our 50th Episode With a New Media Europe Award Nomination

We’ve made it to episode 50 of the Tech Blog Writer podcast! I wanted to take a break from interviews to do

49: How Naked Wines Crowdfunded Its Way to £100m Sales Year

If there is one thing recording this podcast is teaching me it’s that the familiar tech sites almost brainwash us into judging

48: The Kyon Smart Pet Collar Brings Wearable Tech To Your Dog

I always talk about how technology is bringing people together but what about tech bringing people and pets together? The concept is

47: How The FIDO Alliance Are Going To Kill The Password

Have you ever locked yourself out of an account? Are you tired of having 10, 15, 20 passwords that all have to

46: Austin McChord, CEO and Founder of Datto Talks About His Startup Journey

What I want to cover in this episode is the protection of company data and availability. There is a company called Datto

45: Invincea CEO Anup Ghosh Talks About Invisible Endpoint Security Agents

Recently we’ve done a lot of talking about how technology is enabling businesses, changing our lives and disrupting industries across the world.

44: How Technology Is Helping HealthiestYou Change The Way We Access Healthcare

Recently I wasn’t feeling too good, so I called my doctor and was told that the doctor could see me in four

New Media Europe Influencer Award Nomination

Last week I was taken by surprise upon discovering that I was nominated for an award as an influencer at the 2016

43: Top Venture Capitalist Harry Weller Talks Tech

We’re living in a digital sharing economy where anyone can see an idea turn into a million dollar start-up. For example, Knocki