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Neil C Hughes

Neil is a highly recommended blog writer
working for international thought leaders and businesses


Neil Hughes is tech columnist, freelance writer, blogger, ghostwriter and podcaster who writes engaging and often viral content. UK based with international experience of researching a wide array of topics to ensure content is delivered before deadlines to provide clients with peace of mind.

Examples of his work can be found on his LinkedIn publishing page and columns at IncHuffington Post and The Next Web. Accolades include being named one of the “Top 9 Influential Tech Leaders on LinkedIn” by CIO Magazine and ZDNet included him on their list of “You need to follow these 20 big tech thinkers right now” alongside familiar names such as Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg and Jeff Weiner to name but a few.

CIO Most Influential Tech Leaders LinkedIn

An audience of over four million article views with high engagement and podcast listeners in over 150 countries is an incredibly humbling achievement. However, Neil is not motivated by numbers but enjoys involving his audience in a unique and meaningful way.

In December 2015, Executive Editor at LinkedIn Daniel Roth announced the top 10 writers who inspired new ideas and sparked conversations throughout tech, finance, venture, media and beyond. The list was measured by the engagement and influence from their users content and Neil was unveiled as the #2 technology writer of the year. The recognition is incredibly flattering and illustrates the value of building relationships through content and creating genuine conversations with your audience.

In 2016 Neil’s ghostwriting work enabled his client to also win a LinkedIn Top Voice award for written work around their industry too.


In this digital age, online readers are incredibly sophisticated and will instantly see through transparent attempts to create content designed to give the hard sell on products or services. Online material that has clearly been filled with keywords for the sole purpose of boosting SEO will also leave users rushing to close their browsing tab.

After seeing countless companies making these same mistakes, he created Tech Blog Writer Ltd to help businesses and individuals with online content that allows them to reap the benefits that useful articles and blog posts bring to their readers.


A simple ethos of providing valuable content that allows both businesses and individuals to build their own online community and even position themselves as a thought leader. Neil also offers ghostwriting services for LinkedIn users and influencers who want to share their perspective and build a professional brand to ensure their voice is heard by the professionals within their industry.

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I write engaging and

shareable content in an authentic voice


The Tech Blog Writer Podcast Has Listeners In Over 150 Countries

Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Tech Columnist Neil C Hughes is on a quest to understand how technology is transforming both businesses and our lifestyle, but without the hype in this popular tech podcast. The Tech Blog Writer Podcast features diverse interviews with Startups, Tech Leaders, Thought Leaders, CEO’s, Solopreneurs, Disruptors, and Entrepreneurs. Guests share their success stories, experiences and invaluable advice about the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries.



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Back in 2010, Steve Martocci wanted an easy way to send messages between him and his friends, not a simple prospect at

338: Cyber Security – Threat Protection Without Sacrificing Network Performance

Maintaining the security of critical and sensitive data is no small feat for global enterprises. In today’s cyber reality, even secure fiber

337: Notion – The Wireless IoT Smart Home Monitoring System & Awareness Sensor

Notion is a hockey-puck sized sensor that users stick above doors, below sinks, next to lights (and many more applications) to monitor

336: The Cloud-Based Mac Fleet Management Product That Puts Security First

Last year, I spoke with Fleetsmith, CEO Zack Blum about how they automatically manage apps, settings, and security preferences across a company’s

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My Tech Musings

I am incredibly fortunate to cover many of the world’s biggest tech events and get to speak with inspirational people who are making a difference in this world using technology.

Apttus Accelerate: The Rise of the Machines: Surviving (and Thriving) in a Legal Tech World

The Apttus Accelerate event is described as “The Intelligent Quote-to-Cash event of the year”. Accelerate brings together leaders, achievers, and innovators in

Tech Blog Writer – What Is Your Reach?

I am currently recording six podcast interviews a week with a diverse range of guests from some of the most exciting new

Blogging Your Way To Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

I am often asked, why I like writing on the LinkedIn publishing platform. As someone that has written content on Inc, HuffPost

Could The Rebranding Of Podcasts Signal The End of iTunes?

Let’s be honest, iTunes already feels incredibly dated and probably represents a part of our digital past that we would happily forget.

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Over 4 million article views, thousands of shares and conversations with a variety of brands and clients.

The Next Web

LinkedIn Pulse Success

The Richest

Inc. Magazine Columnist

The Huffington Post

Writing Services

Ghost-writing for company blogs allowing businesses to promote their brand and communicate with relevant and valuable content. Ideal for individuals looking to position themselves as a thought leader.

A style of writing that will both attract and engage visitors with an authentic voice on a subject of your choice.

Editing or reworking existing content that might be too technical for customers to understand or simply refining outdated or irrelevant content if required.

Amplify your personal brand through thought leadership with engaging content.

Your content is filled with keywords of categories or questions that your customers are searching for and the more content you produce, the higher up the search rankings your business will appear and this will give you the edge over your competitors.

Ultimately your content is providing solutions to your customers problems with a warm and authentic voice that gives your company an increased credibility whilst also positioning yourself as a thought leader in a very competitive industry.

There is a huge audience of potential customers searching the internet for problems your business can solve and when they arrive at your website they will be looking to engage and this is where the customer relationship begins.

Relevant quality content (not self-promotion) that concentrates on potential customers problems and equally provides a solution that can be promoted across all of your social media platforms to direct more traffic to your website.

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Worldwide Renowned Technology Columnist


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The FreshBooks story begins back in January 2003, when Mike was running a four-person design agency. When it came to billing clients, Word and Excel were frustrating to use and weren’t built to create professional looking invoices. Then one day something happened that makes every small business owner cringe: he accidentally saved over an old invoice. Knowing there had to be a better way, Mike decided to create it himself. Over the next two

Knowing there had to be a better way, Mike decided to create it himself. Over the next two weeks, he coded up a solution that became the foundation of what is now FreshBooks.

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